October 23, 2014

Tyler flew me to Aaron and Ellie’s wedding in Sweden to second shoot for him. He then let me shoot entirely on film (what an angel, right?). I took about 300 photos all day, so I had to be much more deliberate on what I shot and sometimes felt helpless when someone would look at me like “hey photographer, this would make a good picture” and I just sat there and smiled knowing that I had to save my ammo for later. Sorry about that, every one at the wedding. Ha ha ha.

I’m starting with a photo that was taken the day before the wedding. I didn’t have anywhere else to put it but here. It’s one of my favorite photos that I took in Sweden. These are the girls in the family (the bride in the middle), which are seemingly and lovingly over run by the 5 boys and dad. All of them fantastic and charismatic, but the girls are a little more quiet and sweet and dang it…this was their moment. Then…the wedding starts in the foggy morning and couldn’t be any more perfect

Tyler’s photos are up on his blog HERE. Take a gander and see for yourself why he travels the world making wedding pictures.

Aaron and Ellie, thank you for choosing Tyler. Tyler, thank you for choosing me.